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Face2Face Training Courses

Amanda has worked with training facilities in the past that were more interested in getting numbers through the door than in the quality of the training provided. She felt that this was having a negative impact on the quality of the training that the clients were receiving, and in the confidence they felt on finishing their courses. Here at Face2Face Beauty Academy, we provide 1-2-1 training of all our courses. Our courses are recognised and highly recommended across the following industry disciplines:

  • Aesthetics
  • Classic Beauty Training
  • Holistics

What the SME have said about us

  • Working with an ethos of feeding aspiration and creating confidence, Face2Face is dedicated to supplying 1-2-1 training which is focused on the student. Whereas many trainers insist on rigid dates for overcrowded sessions, Face2Face let students learn at their own speed, answering any questions that arise then and there. The tutors’ close supervision ensures that students feel confident in their newfound abilities.


  • To make certain that students are equipped with essential information, each course includes a training booklet covering anatomy, physiology and theory which is given to the student prior to any training sessions. This allows them to be fully prepared, saving time for more practical learning within the sessions.


  • Specialised kits for each aspect of the training are supplied so that the student can start providing treatments immediately. These kits open up the possibility of extra skills development by enabling students to practice at home.


  • As well as practical industry skills, Face2Face can offer advice in promoting and developing beauty or aesthetics businesses. After many years of experience running businesses in the industry, the tutors at Face2Face can help you overcome any confidence issues and encourage your self empowerment. Even though they are a crucial skill set, business management and marketing are often overlooked by training providers in the industry.


  • Like many other businesses in the Midlands, Face2Face’s central location means they are able to receive clients from all over the country. It is a firm indication of the academy’s training proficiency that they have welcomed students not only from the Midlands but also from locations in the north and south of England. Many eager learners travel from far away so that they can benefit from Face2Face’s expert guidance.


  • Face2Face success is cemented by their strong commitment to constantly refine their training programs. Upon completion, students are asked to assess the course’s efficacy so that the tutors can continue to improve on the quality of the education they provide. Even after the course is finished, further advice and support is available, ensuring that students career development is reinforced post-completion.


  • The school also invest heavily in their staff development, actively encouraging tutors to maintain consistent progress. Assessments are carried out on a regular basis so that their skills are routinely refreshed and enhanced.
    In addition to supporting beauty and aesthetics students, the company are also active supporters of the East Midlands community. They assist local social enterprises by enabling individuals with mental health, confidence, and anxiety issues to access training and support to help them become employed.


  • The academy is not only highly accomplished, but adaptable too. Instead of succumbing to the challenges which the Covid pandemic has presented, Face2Face have embraced change and adjusted with versatility. Theory learning can be presented online, maintaining the 1-2-1 format, and not using pre-recorded sessions. Additionally, Face2Face have introduced measures to allow for the continuation of practical training sessions, such as using models from the student’s social bubble.


  • Face2Face’s vastly experienced and student-centric team are the ultimate guide if you are looking to break into the beauty, aesthetic, or holistic industries. They show a high level of expertise as well as business resilience. Receiving advice from Face2Face means that you will be consulting someone who has practical experience of both running a business and working in the beauty industry. They can tell you with good authority what to expect and how to help your business survive against the odds, as they have done.


  • The academy plans to expand their training base over a wider area and to increase the number of tutors available. Face2Face Beauty Academy are inspirational leaders and champions of mental health support in the East Midlands. By developing their programs to adapt as the industry changes, they will continue to fulfil the dreams of an ever-growing community of aspiring beauty professionals.