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Aesthetic Courses

Aesthetic Training for Medics and Non-Medics

Whether you are looking to take your beauty treatments to a new level or a medic looking to developing your career within the Beauty Industry, Face2Face Beauty Academy can provide high-quality and industry recognised training for you!

Please note: There are pre-requisites for the training course for you to gain Public Liability insurance.

Pathway to Aesthetics

Face2Face Beauty Academy is proud to have developed a revolutionary training program that allows you to provide hugely popular aesthetic treatment to your clients.

The Pathway to Aesthetics Course program at Face2Face Beauty Academy is designed to be delivered to non-medics with limited or even no previous experience in the beauty field. 

This training course will allow you to reach the pre-requisites required for you to gain Public Liability insurance to provide the treatments through InSync Insurance, a leading insurance provider for Aesthetic Treatments. Please note that these requirements can be different for other insurance providers, so we do recommend InSync for this.

In total, the course can be completed in as little as four weeks if you are able to dedicate the time to it. You will require models for the practical training courses. If you are able to provide models, it will enable us to complete the training quicker than models coming through ourselves as this takes more time to arrange.

One of the unique features is that as the entire pathway is presented on 1-2-1 basis, you get the tutors’ personal attention for the duration of the training. This means we can be very flexible and work around your schedule for the training days which can be as spread out as you like. You will need a minimum of four full days in individualised training, in addition to your theory training provided in detailed study notes that will be delivered to you.

Completion of the Pathway will require you to complete the Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology training followed by in-person training in Chemical Peels, B12 Vitamin Injections, Dermaplaning and Micro-Needling before completing the Aesthetics training itself.

The first part of the Pathway is the Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology which is completed online, though there is tutor support throughout if required. Once you have completed this, we can plan your days for training in person at our clinic in Chesterfield.

As to the Aesthetics Training, this is also delivered 1-2-1 with the mornings spent discussing detailed anatomy of the skin, head and face including physical and aesthetic considerations. You will cover advanced techniques in positioning of injections and the different ways of administration to achieve optimal results. The treatments that are covered in the training are listed in detail on the Pathway to Aesthetics Package page

There is also development of your skills in managing client’s expectations, pre-assessment and aftercare for all the treatments. Included in the price is generic paperwork templates for use in your clinic.

The practical sessions for all treatments will be carried out on live models and will be closely supervised throughout with your personal tutor. All products and sundries used throughout the practical training will be provided for you.

Details for finding suppliers for Dermal Fillers and Botulinum Toxin and accessing prescribers for the products are also covered in the training. 

For the complete Pathway to Aesthetics Course Program, it is £3000 which includes the full aesthetic training as well – once you have finished, you can provide dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments if you wish.

The courses have been designed to be effective for newcomers to the beauty industry and those with some beauty experience. They are accredited by the CPD Accreditation Group meaning that, once you have successfully completed this program, you can gain insurance through Insync Insurance providers. This means that you can provide a professional Aesthetics service upon completion of your course. 

You would receive your certification immediately upon completing the course(s), providing you are able to demonstrate your understanding of the techniques and skills. Another one of the advantages of the courses we offer is that we are happy to discuss the development of your business and offer guidelines, if required. 

When you are ready to book, head to the Pathway to Aesthetics Package above, click the “Explore this Package” button and you will find booking and payment options on the right of the page under “How to Book”

You can pay for the course in full online before you take the course.

Alternatively, you can pay a booking fee online when you book the course. The amounts will differ according to the course and can be found as a payment option on the individual course booking page (when booking more than one course, please select the required option on each course you wish to book). The remainder of your payment is due on the day of the course. You will receive an invoice detailing each payment you make – you should retain this as it can be used in the end-of-year accounts.

You can also spread the cost of the course over time. Through our affiliation with Payl8r, you can complete your course now and make payments over 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. This will allow you to start to provide your services as soon as possible!