Holistic Courses

Holistic Therapies are a form of treatment, which aims to improve your overall general state of health and wellbeing. Holistic therapy can improve the functioning of all body systems and organs including:


• Pain relief

• Relieves muscular tension (including the face and scalp)

• Releases tight nodules “knots”

• Relieves muscular fatigue & spasms

• Eases joint stiffness and inflammation

• Improves muscle function and joint mobility

• Increases cellular activity to assist tissue recovery

• Enables deep relaxation

• Improves sleep pattern


• Alleviates mental fatigue

• Increases mental clarity

• Improves concentration

• Increases feelings of wellbeing

• Regulates hormone levels

• Encourages detoxification of lactic acid and waste from the body

• Improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin, muscles, bones and joints

• Boosts energy levels

• Improves digestion
• Strengthens the immune system

• Improves skin tone and texture

• Improves skin conditions


• Eases anxiety & stress

• Balances emotions

• Increases confidence

• Improves connection to the ‘self’

All benefits of Holistic Therapy are increased with a cumulative course of treatments.
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